Your First Visit

Your first visit:

what to expect on your first day

Step 1: Welcome to TMS Centers of America

First, you’ll be greeted by our friendly, caring, and professional staff. They will help you get settled in our waiting area and started on the required paperwork. This should only take 10 minutes to complete.

Step 2: Evaluation

Next, you’ll meet with our psychiatrist to review your medical history, discuss TMS therapy, and answer any questions you may still have. Our psychiatrist will take as much time as needed for you to feel comfortable, but this step usually takes about 45 minutes. 

Step 3: Insurance approval

Once the doctor determines you to be a good candidate for TMS, the insurance approval process begins. TMS is covered by most private insurers for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder.

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Step 4: Customizing your treatment

The final step of your first visit is to determine your personal TMS prescription, the amount of energy needed per treatment, and the exact coordinates for device placement. At this time, your entire course of treatment will be scheduled and your path to hope and healing can truly begin.

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